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“Political journalists get used to it,” mentioned O’Brien (oh, nail me to the cross), earlier than noting with satisfaction that Brownlee had apologised “unreservedly” for swearing at the unnamed Newshub reporter. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the long-suffering journalists who bear the brunt of these nasty assaults by politicians when all of the heroic hacks are doing is attempting to get to the reality of issues. Even from a non-legal standpoint, this appears an extraordinary manner of going about issues. But Newshub doesn’t seem to care about sustaining even a pretence of neutrality. ■ Callinicos himself claims he obtained “misleading and bullying” correspondence from the 2 senior judges, recognized because the Heads of Bench, and was the topic of “scathing” letters sent to Ritchie by the Heads of Bench and by the second-ranked judge of the Supreme Court, Justice William (“Willie”) Young. Ellis accused Ritchie of kowtowing to senior judges and added: “A properly-knowledgeable independent observer would ask the query: “Who’re the bullies here, Judge Callinicos, or Justice William Young and the Chief Justice?

The take-dwelling message: there are smart and civilised politicians like Shaw, after which there are feral bullies like Brownlee. But the merchandise did serve as the cue for yet one more cross, this time to Greens co-leader James Shaw, who was introduced because the voice of moderation and reason. Johnston followed her Friday hit-job on Callinicos with one other the following day targeting retired Hawke’s Bay decide Tony Adeane, who was in the body for several cases during which his selections were overturned on appeal due to faults in the best way he had directed juries. A write-off, in other phrases, and not worth losing a vote on. National won’t be getting my celebration vote next week, though I might but decide to support the party’s Wairarapa candidate. All this has spilled out into the general public enviornment in an unprecedented judicial squabble, with Callinicos engaging legal professionals to act on his behalf and 60 fellow judges reportedly contacting him to express their assist. That’s the key issue within the so-called Moana case, in which Household Court docket choose Peter Callinicos accused two senior judges – Moran and Chief District Courtroom choose Heemi Taumaunu – of compromising his judicial independence by contacting him after Sir Wira Gardiner, then acting CEO of Oranga Tamariki, complained that Callinicos had “bullied” OT social workers in the course of the listening to of the case. I reasoned that when the heat had subsided – which might probably imply once Key has moved on, since a lot of the opposition to the new flag is about him – we might revisit the problem.

I mean to say, who would you favor because the country’s chief: Agatha Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s Matilda or Glinda, the great Witch of the South from The Wizard of Oz? It apparently didn’t matter that there was no connection, because it served the purpose of offering a pretext to cross to Winston Peters, who wisecracked that it defined why Collins had been shown praying (which, in turn, served as a cue for Lynch to remind us that Collins was accused of politicising her religion); after which to Ardern on the marketing campaign trail, so that we might observe for ourselves the stark distinction between the National leader – white-anted by disloyal caucus members, based on Lynch, and looking defensive within the face of Lynch’s insistent questioning – and a relaxed and smiling prime minister untroubled by caucus disloyalty or awkward questions from hectoring reporters, surrounded by adoring fans, posing for selfies, accepting gifts from awe-struck kids (“Oh, is that for me?”) and patting canine. It’s a continuation of a long-standing pattern whereby journalists see themselves not as mere observers and reporters of the political course of, however as energetic players and agitators. No journalists should submit to that judgment. I would not profess to have a clue what the reality is behind the controversy over Dame Lowell Goddard in Britain, however one factor I do know is that the English don’t love having to defer to colonials. Jacinda Ardern has pronounced 2019 the Year of Delivery, which suggests she realises that at some stage the public will anticipate the federal government to translate last year’s plethora of studies and dealing teams – presumably set up to buy time whereas the coalition events adjusted to the shock of finding themselves in energy – into motion. They’re each bit as responsible of abuse of power as probably the most despised press baron.